XBLIG Review: Krisotron


Krisotron is a new addition to the Indie Game market place which very closely resembles the arcade classic Robotron: 2084 and features twin stick shooter controls that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has played Geometry Wars or any of the myriad of twin stick shooters available on LIVE.

In the game you play as “Krisotron” on his mission/quest to rescue a princess from an evil scientist, this is cookie cutter game story by this point, but the story isn’t really important and doesn’t play a big part except to give the levels some minor exposition at the start of each chapter.

The game is made up for 4 chapters, each containing 5 levels, equalling 20 levels overall across which you’ll fight a variety of enemies (including robots, spiders, skeletons etc).

The gameplay visual look nice with an almost 8-bit quality, creating a nice retro look to compliment the gameplay.

Overall I had an enjoyable afternoon with the game, it won’t keep you entertained of any great length of time but its fun in short bursts.  It’s going to have a hard time standing out on the service as it doesn’t really offer anything new or innovative, but at a 5th the price of the XBLA version of Robotron its definitely worth a purchase if retro shooters are your cup of tea.


~ by rusted3572 on October 25, 2009.

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