XBLIG Session starring Little Racers tonight! 8:30 GMT (Monday 26th October 2009)

Littles Racers - Screenshot

Tonight marks the start of the XBLIG sessions, a collaboration between numerous sites and blogs that cover Xbox Live Indie Games whereby we’ll all go online to play with each other and the community in order to shine the spot light on the best and brightest of the Indie Game marketplace.

Tonights game is the fantastic ‘Little Racers’ (download), the top down 2d racer that is very reminisent of the NES classic Super Off Road, a personal favourite of mine. So download the game and check it out with us tonight, and look out for the following people:

WaaghMan and Soy1Bonus from Milkstone Studios (Developers)
RR Oddbob from XnPlay
MarkMD76 from XBLIG.co.uk
Jigsaw HC from XBLA Ratings
duckols from Gay Gamer
Chunkbutter from Small Cave Games
Dhalamar from Wasted Seconds
Exaltedlegions from Exl Studios
AllApologies17 from Indie Game Blog
XboxHornet from XboxHornet

and myself rusted3572

Hope to see you online tonight!


~ by rusted3572 on October 26, 2009.

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