XBLIG Session 2: Sol Survivor (Sunday 1st November 2009)

Sol Survivor Screen

This Sunday will see our second ‘XBLIG Session’, when the XBLIG community gets to together to play games together with the developers.   The game that will be playing this time is the stunning Tower Defence game ‘Sol Survivor’, Dream Build Play ’09 runner up.

You can grab game off the LIVE marketplace right now for 800 points, which would usually be a bit steep for XBLIG but this game is in a different league of quality and is more comparable to an XBLA.

Grab the game and meet us all online this Sunday.

This week Cydereal, TheColdEquation and Y2k4Crisis from Cadenza Games (the developers), will be joining us along with the regulars:

RR Oddbob from XnPlay
MarkMD76 from XBLIG.co.uk
Jigsaw HC from XBLA Ratings
duckols from Gay Gamer
Chunkbutter from Small Cave Games
Dhalamar from Wasted Seconds
Exaltedlegions from Exl Studios
AllApologies17 from Indie Game Blog
XboxHornet from XboxHornet

and myself rusted3572

We look forward to see you online and helping to support independent developers!


~ by rusted3572 on October 29, 2009.

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