Google Celebrates Tetris’s 25th Anniversary

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Today, 6th June 2009, is the 25th Anniversary of Tetris, the russian, falling block puzzle game that sold many a gameboy and swallowed an endless amount of AA batteries.  To celebrate this occasion, has changed its logo to the above Tetris inspired design.

I personally have many fond memories of playing Tetris and trying to wrestle my gameboy away from my parents long enough to actually get a go on it.  Its a brilliantly simple puzzle game that has been played by millions of people all over the world in many different formats.

Happy Birthday Tetris!


Review: Flight Control (iPhone/iPod Touch)

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Flight Control is a simple, but addictive puzzle game available off the iTunes app store, where the object is to guide planes to their designated runways/helipads.  This might sound dull on the surface, and I have so far been able to describe it in an exciting manner to other people, but I assure you once you check it out you will find it eating up allot of your time and battery life.

The game is very simple, but it is very easy to become addicted to it.  You draw paths for the craft to follow, ensuring that they get to their specific runway.  The challenge of this comes from the different speeds that each of the vehicles travel at, forcing you to plan which way you are going to send each plane/helicopter so that they don’t collide with each other, thus ending the game.  There is little else to say on the subject, it’s that simple.

Part of the addiction comes from the ability to upload your scores to the central database, and the fact that it tells you in which percentage of gamers you fall score-wise.  This really pushes you on trying to reach the next land mark.

This game is great and well worth your time, and with it only being 59p ($0.99) you have no excuse not to check it out!


Something for the Weekend?: Week 6

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Once again the weekend is upon us, and time off from work in which to play games.  I am not sure exactly how much gaming time I will get in this weekend, as I will be in London visiting my GF, I have plenty or portable titles to keep me going.

This week my iPhone finally arrived, so I have plenty of games to keep me going there.  I am playing the recently released (and recently reviewed) The Sims 3 on iPhone/iPod Touch, as well as the excellent Rolando and the achingly addictive Flight Control.  I am really enjoying the iPhone app store so far, but it can be pretty hard to separate which games are worth playing or avoiding, do any of you have any recommendations?

The other portable title that I will be playing this weekend is Dragon Quest V: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride, which I received from Love Film last weekend.  I am about 2/3 of the way through the game at this point, and I must say how impressed I am by the games’ scope and story, to explain it would contain spoilers, but it is definitely worth checking out if you own a DS and enjoy the odd Jrpg.

So that it is for what I am playing this weekend, what about you guys?  Anyone playing anything interesting?

Oh, and just a quick reminder about my competition to win a copy of Plants vs. Zombies, I have had no entries so far, so might have to rethink the question.  The deadline is only a week away, check it out!

Review: The Sims 3 (iphone)

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The Sims 3 was released this week on the PC, and to accompany this huge release EA have produced an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game.  Quite often when these big franchises are translated to the Apple devices, the gameplay bares little or no relation to its parent title and often smells like a quick cash-in.  I am very pleased to report that these criticisms cannot be applied to The Sims 3, as EA have produced a faithfully ported version of the game, which makes great use of the unique interface methods and shows off some impressive 3d graphics.

The gameplay is not as in depth as The Sims 3, but it will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played the Sims in the past.  You start off by creating your Sim, and are placed into a readymade house and are set to task, fulfilling your characters needs and desires.  Outside of your house you have access to an entire town of things to do, featuring multiple shops where you can either just shop or get a job, a park/lake for socialising and fishing, a restaurant, science lab and town hall.

The game features mini games for various activities that take good advantage of the iPhone/iPod touch’s touch screen and tilt abilities.  For example, fishing has you move your line in the water towards fish by tilting the device left or right and once you have a bite, you flick the device upwards to pull the fish out of the water.

The games graphics are very impressive, easily outclassing the majority of DS games and giving us something that would look at home on Sony’s PSP.  Everything is fully rendered in 3d, and whilst it obviously isn’t going to look as good as Sims 3 on PC, it falls somewhere in-between the original The Sims and Sims 2.

I recommend this game to anyone who has previously enjoyed any of other Sims releases, but if that gameplay hasn’t tickled your fancy in the past then aren’t going to find much to entertain yourselves here.


E3 2009: Big 3 Press Conferences – Nintendo Impressions

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The second of the 3 major press conferences that we were subjected to was from Nintendo. Not allot was known about this press conference before hand, people were expecting the usual self congratulatory slides and statistics and references to bringing gaming to masses, but beyond that not much was known about what games would be shown. Speculation was rife as to whether or we’d see a new Zelda or a new Mario game, or even if any other classic franchises would get a modern reboot (*cough* Kid Icarus).

Allot of new stuff was announced, and surprisingly Nintendo seemed to have listened to the hardcore section of their audience and delivered on core Nintendo properties that are sure to delight everyone.

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Tech News: Windows 7 gets a release date

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Windows 7, the next major operating system from Microsoft will go on general release on 22nd October 2009 it has been annoucned.
This is the follow up to the some what unsuccessful Windows Vista OS, on which Windows 7 is based. This time around Microsoft is hoping to avoid some of the bad press that it received last time around, by ensuring 100% compatability with Windows Vista systems and a Windows Xp Mode that can be used to run older software that might not run on the new OS.
It is reported to have similar system requirements to that of Vista, but is bring with usability improvements and, according to Beta testers, improved performance, in particular with regards to starting up and shuting down.
I am glad to hear that they are improving the security features, I am fed up of having to click OK on boxes whenever I try and run certain setups or applications!

E3 2009: Perfect Dark Confirmed for XBLA

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An annoucement that apparently was not worthy of mentioning at the main Microsoft press conference has been revealed via Major Nelsons twitter account.  The announcement was that a port of the N64 classic, Perfect Dark will be making its way to XBLA this winter.  The games existence has been rumoured previously, with icons for it appearing on the gamertags of a few Rare employees and even featuring in promotion videos that they released, if I am not mistaken.

In order to celebrate this announcement, a free NXE theme will be made available for download tomorrow on LIVE, so get downloading.

Is anyone else looking forward to this as much as I am?