Review: iShift (iPhone/iPod Touch)


‘iShift’ is an interesting platform game for the iPhone/iPod Touch by Antony Lavelle, and is a port of Flash game previously available for free on the internet. Its a platforming game that has allot in common with N+, another former flash game turned full release.
You have to gather keys to unlock the path to the exit, but the twist is that you can ‘shift’ between the dark and light planes, flipping the level upside down and allowing you to access previously unavailable areas. The mechanic itself its very easy to get the hang of and your skills in using it will be tested to the max when you get to some of the later, more difficult levels.

With regards to the games difficulty, it is actually quite easy. There are 2 or 3 levels that might have you stumped for a few goes, but apart from that I had no problem blasting through the game in one sitting. To put this into perspective, I downloaded the game this morning before heading out on my commute to work and had completed it long before reaching my desk. I also did a second much faster run through on the way home, completing the game in under 900 seconds. Its clear that the game is built around speed runs, and that’s where much of the appeal lies, it is therefore unfortunate that there are no online leader boards which would have been nice to see how well you had done compared to everyone else.

I must just briefly mention that the game has a very Portal-esque narrative, I don’t want to spoil anything but the ending will be familiar to anyone who has played Portal.

Despite its short length and easy difficulty I would still recommend this to everyone because its a bargain at 59p ($0.99) and hopefully we’ll see some improvements in future updates.


~ by rusted3572 on June 10, 2009.

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