E3 2009: Top 5 – Most disappointing no-shows.

1. Pikmin 3
2. New Wii Zelda
3. Anything new from Rare
4. Final Fantasy XIII spin-offs
5. Max Payne 3

Honorable mentions: GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, South Park XBLA

Whilst this years E3 was a vintage year for the expo, there were a few omissions from the line-up that may have disappointed video game fans who were expecting a little bit more.

Pikmin 3’s absence from the show must have come as a surprise to everyone, because it seemed very much like it was a sure fire thing.  The game has been mentioned in previous interviews, it has been teased by various magazines (I’m looking at you EDGE) and the fact that the original 2 were getting a re-release on wii was a pretty big hint.  It wouldn’t be too fair for a Nintendo fan to complain at length about this games absence, because they were after all treated to 2 new Mario games and a new Metroid.

In the weeks leading up to E3 ’09, there was a great deal of podcast chatter regarding when exactly the Wii would get its own Zelda game (not counting Twilight Princess, as it was a GC port, which saw the game delayed to coincide with the Wii’s launch) with the general consensus being that we would here something of its existence at this E3, if only in trailer form.  The title was absent from the Nintendo press conference, although we were treated to a single piece of concept art during the course of the week.  This isn’t really enough to satisfy anyone who is anxiously awaiting the next game, but I guess we will soon have Spirit Tracks to tide us over (which was also absent!).

Rare have been away from the spotlight since the release of the well received but disappointingly sold, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.  Ever since Microsofts acquisition of the company, they have always had something on show at E3, that is until this year.  The fact that they had been working on an XBLA remake of the original Perfect Dark came out during the week, but apart from that we have no idea what they are working on.  There are rumors that they are working on something relating to Microsofts Project Natal, as well as something probably relating to avatars.

When Final Fantasy XIII was announced, we were told that it would arrive under the banner ‘Fabula Nova Crystallis’, as series that as well as containing FFXIII, would also containFinal Fantasy Agito XIIIandFinal Fantasy Versus XIII‘. Apparently development for these three titles was going on concurrently, so its suprising that we haven’t heard more about these other titles whilst we have been seeing live gameplay for FFXIII.  I guess these are just more suited to TGS announcements, fingers crossed for TGS ’09.

Max Payne 3 was revealed as being in production a short while ago by Rock Star, a company who were suprisingly absent from the proceedings.  Whilst I am sure that this game is in very early stages of pre-production, and they will be focusing their marketing push on the upcoming Red Dead Revolver Sequel, but a teaser trailer or somthing would have been nice!


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