Review: The Sims 3 (iphone)


The Sims 3 was released this week on the PC, and to accompany this huge release EA have produced an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the game.  Quite often when these big franchises are translated to the Apple devices, the gameplay bares little or no relation to its parent title and often smells like a quick cash-in.  I am very pleased to report that these criticisms cannot be applied to The Sims 3, as EA have produced a faithfully ported version of the game, which makes great use of the unique interface methods and shows off some impressive 3d graphics.

The gameplay is not as in depth as The Sims 3, but it will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played the Sims in the past.  You start off by creating your Sim, and are placed into a readymade house and are set to task, fulfilling your characters needs and desires.  Outside of your house you have access to an entire town of things to do, featuring multiple shops where you can either just shop or get a job, a park/lake for socialising and fishing, a restaurant, science lab and town hall.

The game features mini games for various activities that take good advantage of the iPhone/iPod touch’s touch screen and tilt abilities.  For example, fishing has you move your line in the water towards fish by tilting the device left or right and once you have a bite, you flick the device upwards to pull the fish out of the water.

The games graphics are very impressive, easily outclassing the majority of DS games and giving us something that would look at home on Sony’s PSP.  Everything is fully rendered in 3d, and whilst it obviously isn’t going to look as good as Sims 3 on PC, it falls somewhere in-between the original The Sims and Sims 2.

I recommend this game to anyone who has previously enjoyed any of other Sims releases, but if that gameplay hasn’t tickled your fancy in the past then aren’t going to find much to entertain yourselves here.



~ by rusted3572 on June 4, 2009.

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  1. […] arrived, so I have plenty of games to keep me going there.  I am playing the recently released (and recently reviewed) The Sims 3 on iPhone/iPod Touch, as well as the excellent Rolando and the achingly addictive Flight […]

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