Initial Impressions: Battleforge (PC – Free to Play)

As you may have read in my previous post, as of yesterday the new card-based RTS from EA, ‘BattleForge’ was made free to play. I have played through the games first two solo missions and a few of the co-op maps, and here are my initial impressions.

Upon loading up BattleForge for the first time you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were playing an MMO rather than an RTS. You have to log in and create an online persona before being thrust into the games brief tutorial.

In the tutorial you are placed on a small map and introduced to your abilities one by one, all building up to an assault on a large bandit camp and its hero/guardian. You learn quickly that this game isn’t going to play like your traditional RTS, gone are the classic base building and resource gathering mechanics, a popular move these days as developers are trying to branch out to a new audience by making a much more action packed experience. Instead of resource gathering you have to construct shrines/monuments at designated spots on the world map in order to summon forth monsters using the orbs you gather.

Your army is built by using cards that are stored at the bottom of the screen, these cards are chosen before the mission where you can build a deck or use the pre-made decks. These cards come in a few different varieties, defensive towers/buildings, small ground units (range and melee), larger offensive monsters and spells. You unlock extra cards by completing missions, but the best cards have to be bought using real life money or the credits that you will have at your disposal if you have bought the retail version (introduced as a compensation measure after the game was made available for free).

Apart from the card-system, the rest of the game plays like a more traditional rts and once you have gotten the hang of summoning an army and gathering orbs, any seasoned rts played will feel right at home.

Graphically the game looks passable, and has some good effects, but overall its nothing special visually. The surfaces seem flat and make the game look very similar to Warcraft 3, not necessarily a bad thing, but in this day and age, and considering that until recently this was a full priced release this is very disappointing. Just in-case anyone comments, I was playing the game with all of the settings max out and at the max resolution, so I did experience the way it was meant to be played.

So far I have enjoyed the game a great deal. I will play for a few more hours, and I might even try out the card store if I am feeling flush. I wouldn’t have payed full price for this game, but for free I can’t make a decent argument for not playing it.  Go check it out!


~ by rusted3572 on May 27, 2009.

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