Game Trading Community: Goozex

I had signed up for this service a few months ago now, when Cheap Ass Gamer ran a promotion when the European site launched, whereby you you gain some extra credit just for signing up. After finding nothing that I wanted to get with my free credits I didn’t bother getting invested in the site and left my account alone for months. Until today.

Goozex is a game trading community where you pay for trading credits, which cost 1 euro each, enabling you to trade games with fellow users. Each game is assigned a different amount of points, ranging from 100 to 1200, sending a game off to a buyer credits your account with that number of points and these can be saved and then spend on the game of your choice.

Adding games to you list is easy, giving you option to list your game in its complete form, with just the disc and manual or just the disc. Each of these options give the seller the same amount of points, but you’ll have an easier time finding potential traders if you have the complete package.

I have only just today uploaded a list of games that I have available for trade, and almost immediately I had potential buyers contacting me and managed to quickly arrange my first trades.

The only downside is that they can be a bit of wait for the games you want if you are after something that isn’t available in abundance, but the site does a good job of communicating to you your place in the virtual line.

This isn’t an advertisement, just a recommendation. Even if you don’t decide to go through with any trades its worth just checking out the site to see if it is your kind of thing!



~ by rusted3572 on May 27, 2009.

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