PC Games: BattleForge now available for free!

I have just noticed, through Kotaku, that the recently released card-based Real-Time Strategy game from EA, Battle Forge, is now available free to play through the games website.

This game has not been out long, and has previously only been available as full price download/retail purchase, so this is good news indeed. I can only assume that in the face of disappointing sales they have made the game free to play in order to entice people to buy more of the card booster packs that available to improve your in game performance.

This may feel like a slap in the face to consumers who have already bought the title at retail, but now the retail boxed version is being treated like a points booster pack for the in game currency and card deck building mechanic. If you register the serial number that came with your copy you will unlock 3000 points and the 64 cards of the four starter decks, so you are making a gain out of this deal too!

I was quite excited about this game, but I was put off by the idea of having to pay to further my progress after having already bought the damn game! With this revelation, I will definitely be checking it out, so should you.

You can download it from: www.battleforge.com

Check back tomorrow for my intial impressions/review.


~ by rusted3572 on May 26, 2009.

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