Top 5: XBLA Games

1. Castle Crashers
2. Rez HD
3. Braid
4. Worms
5. Carcassonne

Honourable Mention: Geometry Wars, Uno, Alien Hominid

In an increasingly regular feature, I have been choosing my Top 5 games in a different genre/category, and this week I have chosen my Top 5 XBLA games.

The XBLA service launched 3 and a half years, when the Xbox 360 first went on sale. This was the first service of its kind, in that it offered you the chance to download full, albeit smaller games, directly to your console in your living room. Many months, file-size limit increases and games later, the service is still going strong, providing some of the best entertainment that the console has to offer.

The initial of quality of these downloadable games varied considerably, for every Geometry Wars or Uno, there was Feeding Frenzy or Astro Pop, but this was to be expected with any service. It took a while, but Microsoft soon started consistently delivering quality games on a weekly basis.

The 5 games listed above are the five games that I have enjoyed playing the most. I have sunk a great deal of time into each of them, and definitely feels like I have had my monies worth. The list might seem a bit arbitrary to some, especially with the inclusion of Braid and Castle Crashers, the two Indie darlings of the service, but I don’t care.


~ by rusted3572 on May 24, 2009.

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