Something for the Weekend?: Week 4

This weekend it doesn’t look as though I will be playing very much. Still no news on the whereabouts of my iphone, so I will not be playing any of the iphone games which I have already downloaded.

I am visiting my gf in London this weekend, so I don’t have access to my consoles either. I have brought my DS with me, and GTA: China Town Wars. It’s a great game, but I am stuck on a particular mission, which really shouldn’t be that hard, but it is stopping my progress in the game. I have had this game since launch, and I still haven’t completed it, I feel ashamed….

In addition to playing GTA, I will be reading Marvel Civil War: Frontlines, in my quest to read as much of the Civil War series as I can. I am really enjoying it so far, Frontlines in particular. I will make a post about the series once I have finished reading it. I know that it is not strictly Video Games related, but with the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance game being set during this story line, I can argue some relevance.

So that I have something to write about later, I might check out some free flash games and write a post about that. Does anyone have any recommendations?


~ by rusted3572 on May 23, 2009.

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