inFAMOUS: Precinct Assault (Free 2D Flash Game)

inFAMOUS screen

To promote the release of the highly anticapted PS3 exclusive title ‘Infamous’, Sony have released a 2D Action Platformer flashgame featuring the games protagonist and a selection of powers at your disposal, taken directly from the game proper.

The game its self is a fun, side scrolling action game, where you are given the initial choice of good or bad powers which you can use to gain access to differing sets of abilities. This is a very simplified version of the full games karma system, but doesn’t really add a whole lot, its just to add an extra link to the game.

It may be nothing more than a shallow marketing exercise, but they game is suprisingly fun and definately worth checking out. Especially if you can’t wait to get your hands on the PS3 version. Just click on the image above for a link to the game.


~ by rusted3572 on May 23, 2009.

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