RANT!: The Carphone Warehouse

As you may be able to tell from my previous post, earlier in the week I ordered an Iphone from The Carphone House. I received a confirmation email shortly afterwards, telling me that my phone would be delivered to the address that I can within 1-2 working days.
So far so good!
I waited the 1-2 working days, allowing an extra day as my order was placed after 5 on Monday. The phone did not show up as promised, and the tracking number provided in the email showed no results on the City-Link website meaning that it had not been sent.
I emailed The Carphone Warehouse this morning as I was at work and didn’t have time to called them. No response. What followed this was very strange, as I had two “prank” phone calls. One caused my phone to ring for 1-2 seconds, ending before I had chance to pick up. The second time, I picked it up only to be greeted with silence on the other end. Google-ing the number showed that it came from CPW, and that this was apparently common practice, as I was able to easily find hundreds of people with similar experiences.
Not impressed by this I phoned them up when I got home from work, but was unable to get through to a human being. Once through the computerised system resulted in my being told by the robot that my order was being processed before being booted back to the beginning of the system. This time I picked different options with the hope of reaching another person, but it just kept ringing until I gave up.

This shows terrible customer service, I don’t know where I stand with the whole thing. I have emailed again, but I don’t know if I expect a response.

I had already downloaded a bunch of apps and games, with a hope to get some features up here on my blog, but have had to keep pushing it back until the handset arrives.

I have never had an experience like this before. Except when dealing with BT, but the less said about that, the better.

(Thanks to http://www.slaterjohn.com for the image, I couldn’t find a better image to go with this. It’s exactly what I was looking.)


~ by rusted3572 on May 21, 2009.

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