Plants Vs. Zombie: Impressions

I have just finished the demo for Plants Vs. Zombies and as a result have immediately purchased the full version. The games itself is an offbeat take on the tower defence genre, which has seen increasing popularity in past few years, but until know it has been a genre that has past me by.
The premise is simple, it’s the zombie apocalypse and you must protect your property from the onslaughting zombie hordes by planting various plants and flowers in your front garden.
There is a multitude of plants to choose from, although initially you are limited to two, completing each level unlocks another plant to play with. Plants are placed by spending rays of sunshine, which fall from the sky at random intervals or can be generated by Sunflowers (of course!) and collected by clicking on them.
Resources are fairly limited you have to decide which plants are best for the job, and these vary depending on the number of zombies you have attacking at any given time, and the type of zombies that are attacking, as some have defences against certain varieties of plant.

The game is simple, addictive and has a smooth difficulty curve that will stop you becoming overwhelmed too soon. Its charming art style is very appealing and amusing, but very low res, meaning it will play on just about anything, so you have no excuse for not play this game right now!

What are you waiting for? Go grab the demo now! Link
It’s available to purchase off Steam for £5.99.

This is my introduction to Tower Defence games, and I really quite enjoyed it. Are there any games I should checkout that are similar? I don’t have a ps3 just yet, so Pixel-junk Monsters is out of the question, but I have heard good things about Ninja Town on the DS. Any recommendations?


~ by rusted3572 on May 12, 2009.

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