Game Club: Gun Week 2


This week in Gun, we were to play up until you have to take care of the Mayor “Hoodoo” Brown.

As usual, I am playing along with the Game Club podcast, a regular weekly (mostly) podcast where they play through older games that people may have missed and discuss their thoughts, check it out on the website ( and on itunes, spread the love!

This week’s section of gameplay started off with having to defend the bridge at Dodge against an Indian attack, and to project the Chinese workers that were trying to finish off the works.

Once this section is over, you start making your way to Empire in order to continue your search by agreeing to escort a stage coach through the canyons that separate the two towns. One thing that struck me about this section is that coach seems to take a very long winded road to get to empire later on you find much more direct routes.

En route to empire, you get attacked/ambushed by Indians at every possible opportunity, resulting in the eventual breakdown, where you must hold off attackers whilst the driver replaces the wheels.

Upon reaching empire, you are introduced to the local enforcers and told to go and meet with Hoodoo Brown. Hoodoo deputizes you, and you join his two henchmen on a mission to handle some local criminals. After a shootout at the saloon, you chase the criminals down to a nearby farm. Here you kill the remaining criminals, and discover that the owners of the farm locked up in the barn, obviously put there by the criminals. Its at this point where you turn away from siding yourself with Hoodoo, as his henchmen shoot both the farmer and his wife dead, planting a gun to imply that it was self defence. This doesn’t sit well with your character and he turns on the two men. What follows is a boss battle, where you handle one of them on foot, who is shooting at you from just outside the barn door and the other is riding his horse around the farm outside, so for this section it is best to get on horse back too.

Outraged by what you have just witnessed, you return to town to meet with Hoodoo, only to find him in the company of a large, white suited, southern gentlemen called Magruder, clearly set up to be the overall bad man. The pair are interrogating Jenny, trying to get some vital information about the whereabouts of a mysterious item, which apparently sunk with the boat in the previous chapter. Angered by this news, Hoodoo slits Jenny’s throat, and before you can pay him back, you are knocked out and placed in jail, for the murder of Jenny and the two henchmen.

Jail doesn’t hold you for long, you quickly dispatch the guard and steal his keys by grabbing him through the bars. You agree to help blast a mysterious stranger out of his cell in exchange for him taking you to his nearby camp. To let this man escape, you must first round up 3 horses for you all to escape on and hide them under the bridge, then find some tnt to blow a hole in the wall. This part can be handled stealthily, but it is not required. You leave town, and follow your fellow jailbirds to a nearby camp full of resistance members.

You find out that your (not) father Ned was once a member and watch a flash back to where Ned was in the army with the mysterious Preacher during the civil war, looking for a special cross. The flashback shows a situation where the location of the cross in question has been tracked down to be in the possession of a doctor who is working with the Indians and healing the injured. The doctor refuses to hand over the object, but the preacher won’t have any of it and kills him, to Ned’s protest, and takes the cross.

The next mission tasks you with ambushing a train that is carrying a gattling gun for Magruder. There isn’t any real story advancement during this section, apart from the fact that this leads to Magruder seeking retribution. He has his men attack the hideout at night, who bring a cannon along with them, which can prove tricky to get rid of.

Magruders attack on the hideout sees you take the fight to empire, using the enemies cannon against them. You fight your way through the street and take an underground passageway to the casino, where there is a large shootout, coming to a close when you corner Hoodoo in his office, ending his life and paying him back for the death of Jenny.

I have enjoyed this section even more than the previous week. It was a much longer gameplay section, but still well under the 2 hour mark. The games story seems to be very short and straight to the point, in order to keep its fast placed action movie style plot moving at a satisfying pace. As such, you seem expected to do the side missions to pad out the experience, these aren’t essential, but they will help you get a lot more extra time out of it.

The games violence really struck me this week, it very much deserves its 18 rated certificate. Notable scenes include a scene where you see Hoodoo Brown removing one of your comrades teeth one by one with a pair of pliers and a when Jenny’s throat is slit, also by Hoodoo. While the graphics limit the impact of the scenes, meaning that you have to use your imagination a little, the scenes are still visceral enough to be moving (although not in a pleasant way).

I haven’t really touched the side-missions much on this play through, and as such my stats haven’t been upgraded a great deal, although this hasn’t posed much of a problem so far, especially as the game has a decent enough check point system. The lack of auto-save is still a glaring omission, although I did not mention it last week. It seems like something we take for granted this generation, and it noticeable absent, the main problem with this is that the game doesn’t really tell you, meaning initially, unless you go to the menu and select save, you could easily loose a large chunk of gameplay time.

Playing this game is really getting me in the mood for watch Dead Wood, but I have had no luck getting it off Lovefilm these past two weeks. Hopefully I can get those discs soon, as I have been informed that this game shares a similar gritty, foul-mouthed and violent style to that series, which has really wetted my appetite for it.

The Gameclub podcast has not been release for this week yet, so I don’t know where we are supposed to play through to for next time. Although, they had previously mentioned that this could be the first 3 week gameclub, implying that it’s possible we should complete the campaign.


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