Game Club: Gun Week 1

This is the first part of my impressions of Gun for the ps2, which I am playing along with the Game club podcast. For this week, we were supposed to play from the beginning up until you defeat the Red Hand gang at the whorehouse.

This whole section doesn’t take long to play though, coming in at just under an hour of gameplay.

The game starts off with your character Colton White, hunting wild animals with your father Ned (voiced by the excellent Kris Kristofferson) in order to sell the meat to a passing steam. This acts as a brief tutorial, allowing you to get to grips with the controls whilst shooting deer, a bear and a group of wolves.
The steamer arrives and you and Ned go aboard to collect your money.

There are some strange goings on aboard the boat, Ned gets all secretive with a woman and a safe, and the games mysterious villain is introduced in Reverend Josiah Reed. After an altercation involving the Reverend, the steamer is attacked by an army of, what appear to be, Indians dressed in American Civil war Garb. What follows is a shootout with big explosions and bullets flying everywhere as you defend the steamer and its passengers. The scene is ended after a brief spell on a mounted cannon where you must shoot on coming boats/vessels, then you speak to an injured Ned who tells you very dramatically, in a twist shocker!, that he is not your father. He also gives you a token for a nearby whorehouse, telling you to seek you a girl by the name of Jenny and then throws you from the boat.
Your character awakes a short time later, on the bank of the river, being inspected by the shifty, red-faced, ‘Honest Tom’. You learn that the steamer you were on has sunk, and that you are the only survivor. Tom then teaches you how to ride you horse, including a questionable method for killing buffalo that involved riding your horse into them which left my scratching my head in regards to its realism.
After this brief Horse Tutorial, finishing in a race against Tom, surprise, surprise, ‘Honest Tom’ turns out to be not so honest, as his friends appear and gang up on you in an attempt to kill you.
It’s easy to quickly dispatch your attackers, leaving you to explore the surrounding area before making your way through the pass, in the direction of Dodge city.
The journey to Dodge city is largely uneventful, save for a chatty ferry driver who helps you cross a river. Upon reaching the city, you make your way to the local Whorehouse, in the search for Jenny.
You find Jenny as soon as you enter the ‘saloon’, but she is busy with a customer looking for a ‘poke’. Jenny comes over to talk to you, and enraged by the thought of you getting a ‘poke’ before him, the aforementioned customer attacks. It turns out that he is one of two brothers who lead a local gang called the Red Hand Gang. After a shoot-out to save Jenny, You kill him, and this apparently doesn’t sit well with the other gang members as they all descend on the saloon to kill you and burn the place to the ground. You run outside of the saloon, get on your horse and kill all of the attackers, which leads to a classic styled quick draw shoot off with the remaining brother.
What follows is a cut-scene where it seems very much like you got your ‘Poke’ off Jenny, as well as information about who might be able to help you in your quest in the next city. You are talking to Jenny whilst getting your clothes on, and she is in the bath, but as you leave you throw your token at her, presumably paying her for her services, an act which she seems to find charming. Apparently paying your whore is the height of romanticism in the old west.

That concludes the gameplay for this week. A few side missions are now available, including bounty hunter type wanted poster missions and pony express delivery missions. These are nice distractions, and generate useful money that can be used to purchase upgrades for your weapons.

I have really enjoyed this week’s gameplay, despite this being my second play through. I think that I have left it long enough for it to feel fresh again this time around. One thing that I had completely forgotten about is the games stellar voice cast featuring Kris Kristofferson, Lance Henriksen, Brad Dourif and Ron Pearlman.

I look forward to getting into the next part of the game. I am really enjoying the gritty Deadwood style Wild West setting. It makes me slightly disappointed that more games haven’t taken on this style, or at least done it well. I guess there is Red Dead Revolver, but that game is a bit out-there, taking some liberties with realism and historic accuracy, not that I am saying GUN is an accurate record of historic events. There was also Call of Juarez, which has an up coming sequel, but I have not heard anything good about that game.

According the to Podcast the point we are all playing up to for next week is ‘the fall of HooDoo’.

What do you guys make of the game? Is anyone else playing along? Leave messages in the comments!


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  1. Great post thanks

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