Indie Games – Tag: The Power of Paint


The IGF, the Independent Games Festival, is an annual event that celebrates innovation and independent talent in the game making space. This year’s IGF has already passed us last month, and

Amongst the plethora of great looking indie titles on show, the graveyard, the unfinished swan and fez to name a few, one really intrigued me. This is Tag: The Power of Paint, a game developed at Digi-pen, the same school that gave us the portal developers’ original game, Narbacular Drop. In this game you control and un-named protagonist who wields a paint gun in an oppressive grey world.

As well as adding a bit of colour to the place, the paint that you shoot from your weapon has certain special properties. There are 3 types of paint, Green, which makes you jump into the air, Red, Which causes you to sprint at high speed and Blue, which enables you to stick to any surface. Using these 3 abilities you must paint your way through the puzzle like levels in a manner which is immediately reminiscent of Portal. These mechanics make for some great and really inspired gameplay, which has you running all over the sides of buildings as well as running and jumping your way across the city’s sky line.

The game is fairly short, and available from free from their website. It is really worth taking the time to check it out, and hopefully get a glimpse of the future, as it would be great for these guys to get snapped up by a major publisher like the portal creators.


~ by rusted3572 on May 1, 2009.

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