Something for the weekend?: What are you playing this weekend?

With visiting the Folks this weekend, my gaming options this weekend are limited.  I have brought GTA: Chinatown Wars with me for DS, but I havent touched that game in a while, I dont know why.  I was really enjoying it and then just lost interest, no doubt I will return and finish it at some point.  What I will be playing this weekend are the betas for Battlefield Heros and Quake Live.  I was invited to join these before they were opened up to everyone and never got round to registering on the site, but Iwill be giving them a go this weekend as the only equipment I have available to me is an ageing laptop, just the sort of setup these games are meant to take advantage of.  I wil post my initial impressions on these games as soon as I get the chance to play a few rounds.    I will also, no doubt, be playing Peggle on my Ipod, I am seriously addicted to that.  I have been pondering whether or not to buy the XBLA version, I am sure I would spend plenty of time with it, but at that point I will have bought Peggle 3 times, and I intended to buy ds version when it comes over to the UK bringing the total up to 4 different versions.

What are you guys playing this weekend?  Anyone else suffer from severe Peggle addiction?


~ by rusted3572 on April 25, 2009.

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