Quake LIVE Beta: Initial Impressions

Quake Live is the first game that I have played in what appears to be an ever growing market of browser based games. It takes the PC classic, Quake III Arena, and makes it run in your internet browsing window.

The game is available for free, and rather that be micro-transaction based like Battlefield Heroes, it is ad supported. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, as the ads are largely un-intrusive and take the form of tags/billboards on the wall of the areas, as well as some small ads in the browser window you are playing in.

After registering, the game places you in a 10 mins training/bot match which it uses to gauge your skill in order to provide a decent match making system based on player skill. After this part is over you are free to choose your character and join any game you wish. The character roster is plentiful, although changing character doesn’t have any impact on your gameplay or performance.

One good feature is a friends list linked to your profile, and the ability to filter servers by whether or not your friends are playing in them. This feature should help form a decent sense of community once you have been active on the servers for a while and have accumulated a list of preffered players.

Another Nice addition is a basic Achievement Style system in which medals are awarded for completing various in-game tasks. I don’t feel like this provides any really motivation to play more matches, like the xbox live and steam achievement systems do, but I am sure it will hook some people, and it is a nice feature to have none the less.

I have only played a couple of rounds so far and my experiences have been mixed. I have had problems with heavy lag when alot of people were on screen at certain moments and suffered a complete game crash at one point, but this is a beta, so problems like thes are to be expected.

Overall, I am impressed with Quake LIVE, I would recommend that you all give it a go and I will definately be playing again over the next couple of weeks. If anyone wants to add me my name is the same as my steam and xbox live tags: rusted3572 . I hope to see you there soon!


~ by rusted3572 on April 25, 2009.

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