Care in the Community: Week 1

As previously posted this is going to be a weekly feature in which I take a look at 5 games from the Xbox Live Community Games Service.  The games under scrutiny this week are Artoon, Groov, SuperCow, Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp and (unfortunately) ‘Xfart’.  So without further delay here are my thoughts.  If you have an suggestions for community games that I or others should be playing please leave a comment.


815891-xboxboxart_large Artoon is a neat game where you control a boucing ball/blob whom you must guide through various highly stylised areas by bouncing of floating platforms. The art design in this title is great, with each level looking distinctly different to the last and it is definately worth playing the trail just for this reason alone. This was available from very early on in the services life and stands out as a great example of what can be done with simple game play, it is totally worth the 400 points asking price.


Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp

907216-jp_ba_large This game is, as the title suggests, a jolly good platforming romp. Each of the levels are split into single screen puzzles that can each be completed fairly quickly, and the graphic style is reminisant of Super Mario World (except the stick figure styled lead and enemy characters). The gameplay is brilliant in its simplicity and highly addictive, you can easily loose half an hour play. I can’t stress how in love with this game I am. It is important as its marked the first time that I payed full price for a community game.



22550-118399-groovjpg-468x The gameplay in Groov will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played Geometry Wars or any of the plethora of twin-stick shooters available on xbla. The thing that makes this game stand out of the crowd is the truely excellent audio design in the game. The soundtrack to the game is produced depending on what you do in game, meaning that you are in control of how the song sounds. The ship has two modes of fire (slow and fast) and each projectile fired produces a tone, this is then added two by every enemy that you kill which produces its own unqiue sound. This mechanism helps to keep each play through fresh and exciting.  Another thing that is worth noting with this game is that you essentially get the full game for free in the trail version, and by paying the points you unlock remixed versions of the audio which add to the game.



Supercow Box art Supercow is a platform game about a farm that has been taken over by an evil scientist and must be saved by our hero ‘Supercow’. The game its self is very reminisent of the first Rayman game on the psx, in that it is a non-threatening child friendly platform game, although Supercow is with out similar special abilities to rayman. Graphically the game is impressive, with all of the characters being rendered with 3d sprites against 2d (but no less impressive) backgrounds. The gameplay is where this game falls short. It just doesn’t feel like there is much to master apart from the basic run and jump commands and as such won’t keep your attention for very long, although this fact makes it an ideal choice for younger gamers, especially children with an interest in barn yard animals. It’s definately worth playing the trail version, but you might want to thing twice about paying the full price.



xfart This week Xfart is the rotten apple in our otherwise bumper harvest. This is a ‘game’ where you can choose to listen to various fart noise, read fart jokes and answer fart triva questions, amoungst many other fart related activities. The game promises “endless laughs”, but apart from the initial laughter at the thought, ‘Who would buy this?’, it fails to deliver. The only saving grace is the games custom soundtrack which does infact feature 1 or 2 genuinely funny songs, but the laughter generated by these is short lived. I can’t recommend that anyone go out and pay money for this, as it shouldn’t be there, but its worth checking out as sample of the bottom of the community games barrell.



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