Care in the Community: Xbox Live Community Games

Since the launch of the Community Games service on xbox live I have logged on intermittently and downloaded the latest batch of most popular games and given them a test run. The quality of the games available does vary quite wildly, some have production values I would expect off full scale xbla releases, where as others are of such low quality I wonder how the creator sleeps at night for charging people to download it.

Alot of people seem to dismiss this section of the xbox live marketplace, this was shown in the recent reveal of sales figures, which showed very disheartening downloads of full versions and must have left multiple developers if it was worth their while continueing to produce content for the service. In an attempt to help support this development community I will be producing a weekly round up of reviews of what I consider to be the best new/existing games availble, a prehaps a mention of the particularly bad ones which aren’t worth anyones money. I don’t know how much this will do to increase the sales of any of these games, but hopefully it will make a little difference.

Of course, this whole features depends on how quickly microsoft can turn around my xbox which I should be sending back to then at the end of the week. Untill I get that back, I have played enough to fill a couple of weeks of impressions.

Have any of you downloaded any full versions of the community games? Do you have any recommendations?


~ by rusted3572 on April 23, 2009.

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