I should really finish Bully! (Rebel FM Game Club)

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Rebel.fm. In case you haven’t, It was a website set up in the wake of some lay-offs that occurred at 1up.com when the site was sold to UGO. As part of one of the 1UP FM podcast they did a weekly back log section where they played through old games that had been over looked over the period of 4 weeks. This continued in the transfer to Rebel fm, as game club.

The current game that they/we are playing through is Bully. I personally am playing it on the Xbox 360, but it is also available on the Wii and PlayStation 2.

I had played this game not long after it came out and remembered feeling distinctly under-whelmed by it, thus leaving it and never intending to play it again.

I was a bit disappointed when it was first announced as the game club choice, but after forcing myself through the first hour or so, it really began to grow on me.

The story and characters both feel unique and engrossing. It is based on the story of a rough young boy called Jimmy, who has been expelled from every other school in the area and has ended up at Bullworth Academy, the roughest school around. Jimmy quickly makes some friends and many more enemies and you have to solve conflicts and bring the school together.

The game plays like GTA Lite. The school and town area is no where near the size of the GTA cities, but this never acts as a negative point, because you rarely notice it.

With all of the game club games you are given a point to play up to by the following week, and I inevitably fall behind. Being forced to play through in much larger chunks in an attempt to catch up.

At the moment I am half way through Chapter IV, which I was meant to finish by last week. Although, due to other arrangements, these podcasts have been made fortnightly, so I should be able to catch up in time. Hopefully.

Does anyone else take part in Game Club? Leave a comment if you do. Plus any games you would like to see in future. I am routing for Jade Empire or Yakuza.


~ by rusted3572 on April 20, 2009.

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