Good Old Games – My New Favourite Download Service

Whilst listening to various podcasts and browsing Blogs I had quite frequently heard/read references to the website Good Old Games ( and had never used it, assuming that it would be nothing compared to steam.
The other day I had an urge to play Fallout 2, but I was unable to find the discs. Apparently they were lost in the move. After seeing that it wasn’t on steam, I resorted to visiting GOG. Their pricing and range of games on offer was immediately appealing. Plus the fact that with downloading the game I was guaranteed Vista Compatibility and was given the chance to download the full instruction manual, game guide and sound track all included in the price with was just over £4 ($5.99 (Would be even better value if the pound was still strong against the dollar). Also, another major selling point is that all the games are DRM-Free! Meaning that once you have downloaded it, its yours to do with what you want, you don’t need any external launcher running in the background which is great.
I will definitely be buying more games from them in the service in future. I am tempted by Broken Sword 2, but I could just pick that up on the DS which was released the other week.

Game wise, I had forgotten how difficult games used to be. There is none of the hand holding that goes on with modern games, If you weren’t paying attention when the mission was being given out, then you don’t know where to go. Thank god for internet faqs!


~ by rusted3572 on April 20, 2009.

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